Birds & Bees Glass Paintings

Beautiful antique glass paintings depicting birds and insects, handpainted directly onto the back of the glass producting these striking pictures. 


From Top Left to Bottom Right:


Butterfly on a Branch - Small

H10.5cm x W13cm


Hoppoe Bird - Small

H12.5cm x W10cm


Robin on a Tree - SOLD

H13.5cm x W11cm


Whistling Thrush on a Log - SOLD

H12cm x W17.5cm


Beetle - Medium

H18cm x W13.5cm


Pair of Doves - Small

H11cm x W13cm


Northern Cardinal - Medium

H17.5 x W12.5cm


Whistling Thrush on a Log - Small

H11cm x W13cm


Kingfisher - Medium

H17cm x W12cm

Birds & Bees Glass Paintings