Papier d’Arménie
  • Natural incence papers traditionally made in France since 1885.


    Each booklet contains 12 leaves with 3 strips per page, simply tear out a strip, concertina and lay on edge on a heatproof surface, set alight and blow out the flame leaving the scented smoke to fill your home and neutralise household odours from cooking, pets and tobacco. 


    Can also be used unburnt by placing full pages in cupboards and drawers or poke strips into car air vents.


    Tradition - First produced in 1885, traditional fragrance made from benzoin resin and sweet vanilla


    Arménie - Atlas Cedar, Ceylon cinnamon leaves, Moroccan sage leaves and lavender flowers from Provence


    Rose - A sweet fragrance made with roses from Turkey and Iran

    Papier d’Arménie


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