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Mobile Greenhouse

  • Handcrafted in England for Cook & Butler by artisan blacksmiths, made with a solid steel frame, traditionally glazed with reclaimed glass, standing on cast iron wheels.


    The greenhouse features two hinged roof pieces that can be opened for ventilation or removed fully. The greenhouse can be maneuvered using the pair of pull-up handles.


    A wonderful addition to a courtyard or terrace for raising seedlings or filling with geraniums.


    Please note: The second image of the greenhouse in our shop window is the new design of greenhouse, with un-painted wooden base, painted wheels and hand turned pull-up handles.

  • L 145 x D 88 x H 98  cm


    A dedicated courier will handle the delivery of this item. Please note that we can only provide ground floor delivery service and we are unable to provide delivery services involving steps.

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